Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Increase Your Endurance At The Country Club


The Country Club Fitness FTX at Kalyan Nagar in Bangalore is hosting a two days-long endurance and fitness workshop for all its members. There are no charges for this most excellent workshop happening on the 28th and 30th July, 2015.

Country Club India has always been organizing activities that will help its members remain healthy physically and mentally.

The Country Club FTX Kalyan Nagar, Bangalore has organized a two-days long endurance workshop for all its members.

The Country Club Vacation India is a club not just for travelers but is also for people who like to live wholesome live. However, Country Club Vacation India is purely for travelers.

The 2-days long workshop will be conducted at 6 AM on both days i.e. 28th and 30th July. It is an exclusive members only workshop and all of 27 spots are up for grabs.

The workout will be 45-minutes long focusing on cardio activities such as cycling and rowing. For more details on the #WorldsBestWorkout call on +91-7353033955

Needless to say since Country Club India is always organizing fun activities for their members this activity is free of charge too.

Be there on time to ensure that you get the best spot on the floor.

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