Friday, 20 May 2016

Country Club Vacation India - Sarjapur Road Kebab Food Festival Eevent

These attributes have worked fairly in favour for Country Club India’s repute as “Biggest Chain of Family Clubs in India”.

Country Club vacation India provides innovative family holiday packages and star-studded entertainment events.  These events have made it known as the powerhouse of entertainment. Dedicated to organizing various innovative entertainment events, it celebrates diverse national and international festivals across every destination.

Country Club Sarajpur is quite famous for the delicacies and festivals organized by the Club. The delicacies served by Sarajpur always have the guests asking for more! Are you ready for some scrumptious Kebabs at the Country Club Sarajpur? Yes, an evening of Kebabs and socializing! Sounds fun? Book your seats now!

Food and beverages are chargeable.

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Grooving In The Water - DJ Night At Country Club Vacation India
Country Club Vacation India is one of the most trusted family clubs in India. Its services are optimised by the network of 186 locations across the country, which makes it the largest holiday club of India. Country Club India had been credited with the title of “Biggest Chain of Family Clubs in India” due to its widespread network.

Country Club Vacation not only offers a huge network of hospitality services, but is also an exemplary host to numerous events. The Club often organises events around various types of national and international festivals, but otherwise Country Club India doesn’t need a reason to host a celebration. This is the reason Country Club is called the "Powerhouse of Entertainment" by its members. The Country Club India has made a reputation for itself with such events.

Another aspect of Country Club that the families love is the customization they provide with holiday packages. The holiday packages are designed as per the members' preferences for giving them an unforgettable experience.

Country Club Water Park, Ahmedabad often merges the fun of splashing water with various other activities. This time, it’s organising a DJ Night! Yes, that’s right – water and dance are being combined and you will love it! Book your tickets soon!

Food & Beverages are chargeable. Limited seats only. 

Details For Dj Night:
Time:7:00 PM
Date: 21st May, 2016
Member Entry Charges: Free/Charges
Guest Entry Charges: Free/Charges
Location: Country Club Water Park, Ahmedabad
Contact: 919586985805

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Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Country Club Begumpet – Sizzler Festival

Country Club Vacation India has quickly acquired the reputation for its innovative and diverse entertainment events as the largest network of family clubs.

 “Biggest Chain of Family Clubs,” Country Club India offers state-of-the-art clubbing facilities across 186 locations in India. Various power packed and star-studded entertainment events are hosted by Country Club India. It also celebrates diverse festivals both nationally and internationally.

Country Club Begumpet is well-known among the members for the fun events. Here is one more – The Sizzler Festival. Indulge yourself in the mouth-watering Sizzler Festival with Country Club Begumpet. We are sure you will love it! Book your tickets soon!