Thursday, 28 August 2014

Gear Up for the Chess Competition at Country Club

Country Club India

Want to exercise your brains by playing chess? Country Club Vacation India gives you a chance to do it. Country Club Hotel Golden Star in Surat invites everyone for a chess competition on September 7th 2014. The member entry and non member entry are free and the event starts from 8.00 AM in the morning. If you want to enjoy a game of chess, all you have to do is come to Country Club Hotel Golden Star in Surat and show your skills at Chess.

The chess competition will surely make your brain work hard and if you are well deserving then you might just end up winning the competition. It’s time now to get prepared for the Chess Competition at Country Club Hotel Golden Star in Surat and bring out the chess enthusiast in you. Apart from playing chess you can also relax at the Country Club Vacation property and enjoy some of the best refreshments and food from their kitchen. 

Monday, 25 August 2014

Country Club Vacation Loves its Members

Country Club Members

Each and every Country Club member is treated with utmost love and affection and every member knows this for a fact. Country Club India spoils its members for choices and has the best in class facilities to offer them. Country Club Vacation believes in making life simpler for its members and that is the reason why there are so many options these days to attain Country Club membership that too in very easy and simple ways. One can sit at home and make easy online payments and become a member at Country Club India Vacation and enjoy their world class services.

Our experience with Country Club India has also been very sweet and something that we love sharing with others. Expectations rise when you hear a name like Country Club India and each time Country Club makes sure that they deliver services even above its member’s expectations. That is the reason why it is preferred over others and people love visiting their properties for vacations.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Country Club Making Vacations Most Memorable

If you are planning a vacation that you want to remember for the rest of your life then it should surely be at Country Club Vacation. Country Club India has the best offerings in terms of services and infrastructure. There are many other attractions as well for everyone at Country Club India Vacation like swimming pools, health clubs, spa and many more. Once at Country Club you will be transported completely in a different world altogether. 

Located in the most beautiful destinations of India Country Club provides you with great natural surroundings and brings you close to nature. Country Club also hosts celebrity programs for its members on special occasions. Country Club provides you with the fun and recreation that you desire for. Therefore, for a fun filled and delightful vacation one should come to Country Club Vacation.

Monday, 18 August 2014

Country Club Surat Celebrates Janamashtami

Krishna Janamashtami is one of the big festivals that are celebrated all over India with great joy and enthusiasm. Country Club also takes a step forward in celebrating Krishna Janamashtami with its members.  India is a land of varied cultures where there is respect for each culture and tradition. Country Club too makes sure that it celebrates each and every festivity with the equal amount of joy and passion. The ‘Janamashtami special’ competition held in Country Club Surat was one of its kind and very interesting.

Country Club always treats children with a lot of love and affection. Janamashtami being a festival when Lord Krishna was born also created a lot of involvement from children as they came all dressed up for the competition. Children who were very excited for the program participated with a lot of zeal and fascination and were majorly interested in winning the prize. It can be said that Country Club is now a favourite not only among adults but also among children.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

To Experience the Peace and Calm of Nature Visit Country Club Delhi

In a place like Delhi, far away from the hustle and bustle of the crowds, a pleasant 30 minutes drive from the city is Country Club Eros Regency. Country Club always aimed at serving its members provides the best amenities at their Delhi property.  With central air-conditioning Country Club is conceived with the aim of facilitating a 360 degree experience of relaxation. Having an unmatched ambience that you have never experienced, to be associated with Country Club India is a joy in itself. 

The scenic beauty surrounding Country Club Eros Regency is simply amazing and feels most beautiful once been there.  A place that is so close to nature gives a feel of complete calm and leisure.  A break from all the monotony of life Country Club Delhi gives you the much needed peace in life. With also the best services and staff Country Club ranks the highest among its competitors. To enjoy life you must visit Country Club.

Monday, 11 August 2014

Country Club Shares a Bond of Trust With its Members

Country Club India

India is a land of varied cultures and traditions. It is also a place where over hundreds of festivities are celebrated with great enthusiasm and zeal. Country Club India believes in celebrating with its members the various festivals and asks its members to join in for a fun filled experience. Country Club Vacation is the best option to pick if you wish to celebrate your festivals with joy along with your family members. 

From children to adults Country Club has a special place in everyone’s heart and Country Club India never fails to love its members back. One can only experience this once a member at Country Club.  Country Club India puts in great effort to make your experience with them special. This in turn makes your relationship with Country Club India Vacation even stronger. Each moment spent at Country Club India will be cherished by you for the rest of your life. 

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Unmatched Services of Country Club

When you know that your club has its properties all over the Country to choose from, you feel elated. Country Club India is well known for its sprawling properties all over India and provides its members with amazing choices to spend their vacations in the prime locations. Right from the time of getting the membership till the time you spend your vacation, Country Club offers services that you are surely not going to find elsewhere. The friendliest staff at Country Club makes sure that you do not face any problem while you are associated with Country Club India. 

The amenities at Country Club are also world class. Once if you experience the services at Country Club only then can you make out the difference between the rest. If you are a member at Country Club then be prepared to be pampered by them in ways more than one. Vacations spent at Country Club India are the best vacations. 

Monday, 4 August 2014

Celebrate Your Occasions With Grandeur At Qutub Shahi, Country Club Begumpet

Country Club Qutub Shahi
When it comes to celebrating special occasions with family members, venue becomes a problem as we want the best place to celebrate our special moments in life. Country Club India now comes up with a solution to this problem with their splendid banquet hall, Qutub Shahi at Country Club Begumpet in Hyderabad. Be it wedding celebrations or birthday parties or any such occasion which you want to spend with your family and friends, this is the best place to select. Apart from the grand banquet the services of Country Club are the best and cannot be compared.

At Country Club Qutub Shahi, not only will your celebration will be made special but also it will be the most memorable event of your lifetime. Country Club always striving to serve its members with the best facilities makes sure to deliver its services on time and with efficiency.