Thursday, 26 March 2015

Y. Rajeev Reddy CMD, Country Club India on Economic Times

"Always be passionate about whatever you are doing" 

Mr. Y. Rajeev Reddy, Chairman & Managing Director, Country Club India Ltd

Looking into the crystal ball

It is difficult to be anything but exuberant about the future of the Indian hospitality industry since the recently announced budget is great, going so far as to even announce the introduction of visa-on-arrival for 43 countries. If this doesn't trigger a lot of global travelling, heaven knows what will! It is not impossible to expect similar reciprocation from other countries as well and this should usher in a change in global tourism in addition to having a positive impact on Indian tourism.
"Follow your Heart" and be passionate about whatever you are doing, don't measure your success in monetary goals.
Life is a Learning Curve

Change is the only constant, and one must keep on evolving to embrace it. Successfully adapting to myriad scenarios and re-aligning ourselves to it is the only way to success. There is an upward trend in the mindsets of our people, and one can only understand this by being open to learning new things and constantly observing ongoings with great interest.

Follow your heart

There's no such thing as the 'right time' so stop waiting & start working! You need to start, test, fail, make changes, fail again & repeat the testing & making changes consistently until you  make it happen. No books, blogs, & education will ever prepare you as much as the first step & first failure in your own start-up would do. So, do not wait another day on preparing yourself to start; just start! 

See at Newspaper : Economic Times - Country Club India

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